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Custom Flowers

Custom Flowers can be made in any color and vary in size from small to large. It just depends on what you want. They are made with silk, satin, or organza, and their center is made up of beads, brads or buttons.

Custom Organza/Silk Flowers - $4.00

Custom Flowers with individual petals

2-inch Crystal Daisies - $2.50
Colors Pictured: Hunter Green, Lavender, Hot Pink, White, Light Pink, Purple, Lime Green & Yellow
Also Available In: Red, Blue, Black, Brown & Orange

2-inch Custom Flowers - $2.50

4-inch Gerber Daisies - $4.00

Colors Pictured: Light Pink, Purple, Lime White, Yellow,
Red, & Hot Pink
Also Available In: Hunter Green, Blue, Black, Brown, Orange, Burgundy, Turquoise, Silver/Grey & Cream

4-inch Star Flowers - $4.00

Colors Pictured: Light Pink, White, Red & Purple
Also Available In: Lime Green, Hunter Green, Hot Pink, Yellow, Blue, Black, Brown & Orange

5-inch Tropical Flowers - $4.00

Color Pictured: Brown
Also Available In: Red, Lime Green, Hunter Green, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Yellow, White, Blue, Purple, Black, Orange

4-inch Peony - $4.00

Color Pictured: Light Pink
Also Available In: Red, Lime Green, Hunter Green, Hot Pink, Yellow, White, Blue, Purple, Black, Brown & Orange

4 1/2-inch Custom Daisies - $5.00

Available colors vary, and are available upon request.
Can be made with up to 3 colors of your choice.

Headbands: $1.50 each or $15.00 per dozen


Nursing Covers

Nursing covers come with an adjustable neck band (D-rings), and boning so that you can see the baby while you nurse, but no one else can. Made of light cotton so that you and the baby don't get too warm. It is plenty big to keep you covered, and it is optional to have a fleece or flannel corner sewn into it to wipe baby's mouth and/or as a pocket for pacifiers, etc. I can make them in any cotton fabric you like. So useful! A great shower gift.

All Nursing Covers are $15.00

Girl Nursing Cover
Boy Nursing Cover

Girls Nursing Cover

Neutral Nursing Cover